1. My plans for 2017 are to continue building my credit, minimizing even more so that I can continue to save money, and the biggest one of all is to go to the gym consistently until I lose approximately 75 pounds! So far, I have slacked on the gym but only because I just moved into a bigger house and needed to focus on packing, cleaning, unpacking, and cleaning AGAIN! I do however, take all the correct steps to budget and watch my spending so I feel like I am making slow progress towards my 2017 goals!

    • That sounds like a pretty good plan! Building credit can take some time, so jot down small goals that can help you get there, like consistently paying off a small balance on a credit card, so that you can give yourself a pay on the back for making progress on your big goal. Losing weight can take time too, so just make sure you are also writing down small goals that can help you achieve your main goal and nail those baby steps!

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