Neat little Family || Neat little LifeWelcome to Neat little Life! If you’ve landed here, that means you might be interested in simplifying something in your life. Which is awesome! You know what else is awesome? Coffee. Because it will get both of us through this journey. My name is Blaire and I’m an Organizationalist (not the political kind). And I’ll be your Organizationalist until the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) certifies me and makes me call myself…a Professional Organizer. It’s the same thing, but doesn’t my title just have a better ring to it?

Organization started for me as a child, helping my mother with her Tupperware parties and the subsequent plethora of Tupperware that had to fit into our small kitchen. I was making $5 per job and it had to be redone roughly every month. School got in the way of my good practices, but the foundation was already set. Things just looked better tidy for me! Then, I enlisted in the military out of high school and added pristine, attention-to-detail and follow-through to my now-fine-tuned repertoire. I earned multiple base-wide awards for my ability to transform even the tiniest and ugliest of dorm rooms into uncluttered works of art all on an airman’s pay and I lost count after five awards.

Eventually, I was requested for non-military stuff, regular stuff. People who knew me knew that I was perfect for their starter jobs:

  • Maximizing space when packing a house
  • Keeping the unpacking process systematic and easy on the other side
  • Digitizing entire filing systems to accommodate smaller office spaces
  • And working with them on downsizing the stuff they didn’t even know they had

I am still the go-to for organization at work and within my wide circle of acquaintances, but I wanted to go beyond just doing favors. I also knew that it was peoples’ habits that got their lifestyle that cluttered, and I could be of assistance with that too.

Blaire BSN Graduation || Neat little LifeAfter gobs of research while obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (we are at three careers now if you’re counting), I learned how healthy it is for people to live in array. I learned how a visual mess can clutter the thinking processes, that there is a guilt factor involved with never getting around to it, and how that can prematurely age you and your brain. And as is the same reason for my pursuit of nursing, I want to help people live better and happier lives! I can help them medically in a hospital a few days a week, knock out some organization tasks at my other job once a month, and have a handful of clients at any given time at various points in their organization goals. And do you know how I’m able to do all of those things while also maintaining my relationship with my Orderly Other and raising my Tidy Toddler? Because I’m insanely organized. And you can be too! It just takes practice.

I currently run this website since my primary goal is to help people overhaul their cluttered lives and homes somehow, but I am also chipping away at NAPO’s giant requirement for board certification! I will start in-person services in San Diego County, California and Mohave County, Arizona beginning in 2017 at less than half of the standard rate as other organizers! My Simple in 17 deal is so that I can expedite my hours at an affordable rate while also giving you peace of mind that you will not be wasting your money. I am qualified for the job, but some people like proof. Until then, services will be super cheap (so book me while you can…page will be added January 1) and I will be coaching you right here anyway, so that you can DIY at home!