What’s an affiliate?

You may have seen the little blurb on some of my articles referencing a nearby link…something to the effect of “this is an affiliate link” and the “gigantic commission” I get. This will be the explanation of what that really means because, legally, I have to provide that. Like, a hundred times.

Federal Trade Commission LogoThe Federal Trade Commission wants to make sure readers to know if by-named products are being by-named because the author likes them or solely because they’ll make money off of them. I, personally, am the latter of the two. I have no reason (or time) to do research to see if a product is worthy when I can just promote what has been tried and tested by me. I’m an affiliate because:

  • I like a product and can tell you where to get it if you like it too
  • I get various pay outs from purchases made through those links
  • And it doesn’t cost my readers anything extra…the vendor pays me!

I will tell you in various articles when these links are coming up, but just to be clear:

I am in the business of helping you reach your goals while I inevitably reach some of mine. That said, this website contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using my links at zero cost to you. I know, crazy right? None of the items I mention are even remotely garbage. I only promote products I have tried myself and absolutely love. So, why not get great products while also helping this website run? Win-Win.

Here’s who I’m affiliated with and what they pay me if you buy one of their products using one of my links:

  • Amazon pays me 4% – 8.5% → So, if you buy the Tao of Pooh/Te of Piglet set because it’s been an awesome read, I get 83 whole pennies.
    • And that 8.5% is only achievable if I sell over 3100 products…in a month. Moving on.
  • LastPass pays me 30% – This seems really big but chances are you’ll use the free version.
    • The next option is a buck a month. The site can spare 30 cents 🙂
  • BlueHost pays me $65 – But that’s not why I’m an affiliate. I have hosted with GoDaddy, WP-hosted, and HostGator for previous websites and I just really like BlueHost way more.
    • I knew going into this business, I would want the best so I could sign up for a few years and leave it be. And so far so good!

That’s really all there is to it! I promote what I like because it’s been good to me and I’m trying to help you out too! And like I said, you don’t pay me any extra…so shop through me and let the sites handle the rest!